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Who we are
Fikia Umati is a boutique B2B sales service by GWIJI AFRICA with a unique speciality of connecting brands to the right content creators for advertisement and product placement opportunities.
Why we exist
Fikia Umati exists to bridge the gap between brands and content creators/platforms. Unlike traditional media(TV & Radio), most digital content creators have no dedicated sales team to actively reach out to their prospective clients . Instead, they rely on getting noticed after going viral on social media for brands and corporates to approach them for endorsements /adverts on their platforms. Partnering with Fikia Umati allows the content creators to specialize on their content and let us work the sales behind the scenes for them.
Why patner with Fikia Umati
  • Speed up market entry
  • Bridge sales capability gaps
  • Save on hiring, training, and management costs
  • Unlock a larger talent pool
  • Reduce managerial workload
When you partner with FIKIA UMATI,Content creators can increase the number of brand endorsements/adverts on their platform by leveraging the viewership,subscription and following of other contant creators. We encourage collaboration within the creative industry With the simple logic that 1+1=2, we encourage advertisers to place adverts on our different partner content creators to reach more people. This proves a better ROI for your advert since your product reaches ,various demographics and markets with the cost being lower than TV/Radio adverts.

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